Session: Advanced Gravitational Wave Detectors and Advanced LIGO Technology (February 24, 2010)  

Title: Stable transfer of an optical frequency standard via a 4.6 km optical fibre

  Speaker: Adam Mullavey      

We present a technique for the stable transfer of an optical frequency reference over a kilometre scale optical fibre link. This technique implements phase measurements and laser feedback to cancel out the phase fluctuations that are introduced to an optical frequency standard as it passes through the fibre. We also present results for a bench top experiment, developed for the Advanced LIGO lock acquisition system, where this technique is implemented to phase-lock two Nd:YAG lasers, through a 4.6km optical fibre. The resulting differential optical frequency noise reaches a level as low as 0.5 mHz/√Hz for Fourier frequencies between 5 Hz and 20 Hz, which is equal to a fractional frequency stability of 1.7 x 10-18 /√Hz.

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