Session: Data Analysis and Multi-Messenger Astronomy Workshop (February 24, 2010)  

Title: A comparison of PN templates for Inspiralling compact Binaries

  Speaker: Bala Iyer    

The (dis)agreement between different PN waveform families in the context of initial and advanced gravitational-wave detectors is discussed by examining their overlaps with one another for a number of different binaries at 2PN, 3PN and 3.5PN.  The overlaps of these families with the prototype effective-one-body family calibrated to numerical relativity simulations is next computed  to help  decide whether there exist preferred families, in terms of  detectability and computational cost, that are the most appropriate as search templates. We conclude that as long as the total mass remains less than a certain upper limit Mcrit, most template families at 3.5PN order are equally good for the purpose of detection. The value of Mcrit is found to be ~12MO for Initial, Enhanced and Advanced LIGO. From a purely computational point of view it is recommended that 3.5PN TaylorF2 be used below Mcrit and EOB calibrated to numerical relativity simulations be used for  total binary mass M > Mcrit.

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