Session: Data Analysis and Multi-Messenger Astronomy Workshop (February 24, 2010)    

Title: Directed continuous gravitational wave searches within isolated supernova remnants

  Speaker: Ra Inta      

It is well known that rotating compact objects are the most likely sources of continuous gravitational waves (CW). Perhaps the most famous compact objects are those at the centre of supernova remnants (SNR); often these objects are bright point sources in the x-ray spectrum, giving accurate positioning data, while their ages may be determined independently.

Although there are a number of compact object candidates within isolated SNR that are close and young enough to be very promising targets for a search within LIGO data, many of these  do not display strong periodic emission in any part of the electromagnetic spectrum. 

Here I describe this so-called ‘directed’ search type, which involves a search for expected CW features in the parameter space of frequency and its rates of change. I will describe how the significant computational resources are allocated for directed searches and outline a number of promising targets within SNR. Finally, I will discuss potential new classes of isolated compact objects for which a directed search would be appropriate.

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