Session: Data Analysis and Multi-Messenger Astronomy Workshop (February 24, 2010)  

Title: Triggering electromagnetic observations from LIGO - Virgo candidates

  Speaker: Ik Siong Heng    

Large, kilometer scale gravitational wave (GW) detectors are now operating in the U.S. and Europe. Potential GW sources include compact object mergers, supernovae, and other energetic astrophysical events. Many such sources of gravitational waves would also be expected to emit electromagnetic (EM) radiation promptly and/or as a fading afterglow. The on-going search effort can be aided by prompt imaging of sky regions associated with gravitational wave signal candidates by observatories in the EM spectrum. Observing the counterpart to a GW emitting event would yield valuable astrophysical information, and could help confirm a GW signal candidate as a real event. This talk will present an overview of efforts made towards performing joint EM-GW observations and discuss the prospect of observations with future generation GW detectors.

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