Experimental General Relativity
Honours course and AIGO summer school
Physics, UWA (28 February - 2 March)
This 3 day intensive residential course will be held at AIGO Research Centre, from Sunday to Tuesday. It includes lectures from international and local experts as well as hands on practical experience with lasers, vibration isolation, interferometers and optical cavities. The final three lectures on data analysis will take place at UWA. 
Day 1  
·        Gravitational waves and gravitational wave sources Coleman Miller         (University of Maryland)
·        General relativity for experimentalists
Hands on gravitational lensing task David Blair
·      Introduction: Gravitational wave detectors
·        Ground based gravitational wave detectors
         --case study GEO project
Stefan Goßler
(Albert Einstein Institute)
·        Optical cavities and their mode structure Chunnong Zhao
·        Cavity locking schemes Chunnong Zhao
Day 2  
·        High optical power cavities--thermal lensing
         and opto-acoustic interactions
Chunnong Zhao
·        Hands on locking of suspended cavities  Yaohui Fan
·        GW detectors at the quantum limit  Haixing Miao
·        GW detectors as quantum instruments  Haixing Miao
·        Quantum measurement experimental approach Chunnong Zhao
·        Multi-messenger gravitational wave astronomy David Coward
 Evening session: Hands on optical transient searching with Zadko telescope Timo Vaalsta
Day 3  
·        Thermal noise issue in GW detectors Li Ju
·        Seismic noise and isolation technique Jean-Charles Dumas
·        Control schemes for vibration isolations system Pablo Barriga
·        Hands on vibration isolation and  control
·        New concepts in GW Data analysis: time delayed IIR filterbank methods Shaun Hooper
·        Harnessing the Tflop supercomputer in your desktop: scientific computing with GPUs  and applications to detecting gravitational waves Shinkee Chung
·        GPU and IIR filter demonstrations
Lecture At UWA (Time to be confirmed)  
·       Concepts of GW data analysis and coherent searches for
       binary coalescence signals
Linqing Wen
Assessment: The students will be asked to write an essay on the
nominated topic based on the question set provided
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